Healthcare Solutions

PowerObjects will offer service, education, support and add-ons to help you get the most of your healthcare solution. We also have dedicated account executives and consultants who regularly work with organizations in the health and life sciences, understand the unique requirements, and can anticipate challenges before they become problems.

Tailored Dynamics CRM Solutions for Healthcare

As costs escalate, resources decrease, and demand increases, the pressure to provide comprehensive, high-quality patient care is higher than it’s ever been. From politicians to payors, service providers to patients, everyone is demanding change. How will your organization respond? The answer is healthcare solutions designed and implemented by PowerObjects–improving outcomes for patients and providers.

PowerObjects has helped hospitals, clinics and companies across the health and life sciences spectrum enhance their care delivery, disease management, clinical research, referral management and more. Using familiar tools that leverage existing investments, streamline processes, and scale with growth, PowerObjects empowers organizations large and small to reach new heights in productivity and improve the health of the business and patients.

Healthcare Solutions CRM Case Studies

PowerObjects has helped many customers explore Healthcare Solutions and make the switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
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PowerObjects’ Healthcare Solutions Advisory Board

PowerObjects has put together an advisory board comprised of MDs, PhDs, allied health professionals, health informatics and Dynamics CRM experts. Collectively, their backgrounds include Medica, family medical practice, Fortune 500 life sciences corporations, behavioral and mental health, cardiology, critical care, hospital supply and administration, and more. This group develops healthcare solutions specifically designed with clinician and business management input.

Healthcare Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

PowerObjects’ healthcare solutions are built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM (customer relationship management) software. They enable organizations to effectively manage all the aspects of relationships between patients and physicians, providers and providers, staff and management, and more. We can customize your system to facilitate and automate scheduling, communications, task allocation and tracking, invoicing, reporting, resource allocation—anything where knowledge or data needs to change hands or prompt action.

Healthcare Solutions by PowerObjects

Physician Referral Management

Improves outcomes and add value for specialists, PCPs and patients. Get real-time online scheduling, communicate medical information (including referral problem history, diagnostics results and consult findings), and provide context for sensitive patient materials, and point of referral pattern tracking.

Hospital Readmission Reduction

This program is built specifically to assist hospitals manage Medicare patients who are at risk for readmission and avoid the IPPS base-operating DRG payment reduction penalty authorized under the Affordable Care Act.

Clinical Trial Management System

Includes models for both institutions and sponsors. Track and manage all aspects of clinical trials including IRB submissions, critical documents, visit and resource scheduling, finances (budgets, invoicing, reconciliation, projections), and patient communications.

Chronic Disease Management

Automate personalized communication to assist in patient management beyond the capabilities of most EHR and EMR systems. Ensure true case management and support a multi-disciplinary approach to provide holistic care.

Health Plans

Navigating an increasingly complex and competitive health insurance environment requires business agility supported by smart technologies. Health insurers hampered by inefficient tools and silos of electronic information stored in multiple systems may find themselves at a disadvantage. To get ahead in today’s health insurance market, you’ll need the right tools to manage the potential growth—or risk losing share and revenue to competitors.

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